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These three queens shared the same beauty secret

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In an interesting turn of events, we came across a tale. There lived three queens, centuries apart. They exuded raw power and rare beauty. They were the earliest iconic women and had one thing in common. It was a secret that safeguarded their beauty and kept their power intact. Let us unravel this secret together.

The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is perhaps the earliest and most featured queen in Ancient Egyptian culture. She was a legendary co-regent of the Egyptian empire, along with her husband. She held the cult of Athens in her sway in the fourteenth century B.C.

Yet, two millennia later, her uncovered bust became an icon of Egyptian beauty and royalty. What was the secret of her flawless skin?

Queen of Sheba was a celebrated lady who ruled the Land of Axum, the land that covers modern-day Ethiopia and Yemen in the tenth century BC. She was a seeker of truth who visited the Great King Solomon. Queen of Sheba held a high ground in the biblical texts on more than one account. Her legendary quest for the truth and her surreal beauty. Accounts go as far as to attribute that King Solomon had fallen in love with this magnetic combination of beauty and brains. What made her so radiant and attractive?

Cleopatra was yet another iconic Egyptian queen of the yore, a discussed and prominent figure in world history. She is hailed all over the world as the queen of beauty and brilliance. She was rather powerful too. She ruled Egypt with grace, poise and excellent tact. Yet when we talk about her, it is her exotic beauty we marvel over. After all, she influenced two of the most powerful men in history, Julius Ceaser and Mark Anthony.

What is the secret of her timeless beauty?

All the three queens who showed the sheer power of women in ancient times, however, had one thing in common. They knew the secret of keeping their skin flawless. They knew of a magical butter that works for them in the harshest and driest of climates.

It is the efficacy of the fat produced by the Karite trees. We are not claiming this blindly. There were many accounts of Cleopatra travelling with jars full of Shea butter. Local history claims that the timeless secrets of the shea goodness were known to the locals since ancient times.

Now as we think about it, it is no wonder that the iconic queens used shea butter as a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing substance. After all, the Karite Trees are historically distributed across the savannah belt. This means that the shea butter was an easily available product since millennia.

But this historical link positively reaffirms that shea butter is nature’s gift to protect the skin from harsh climates, sun, wind and insect bites. This confirms the belief that the secret of supple, radiant and healthy skin, still remains with simple plant-based products. This is the extraordinary tale of three queens' beauty, a secret that is now openly available and accessible.