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Women's Gold 'Shea Butter'

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SHEA is the hydrating butter derived from nuts of the karate tree that grows in the Savannah region across West Africa is a prized beauty ingredient.It is the world’s best-known hydrating agent.

Global trade of shea butter dates not only back to Cleopatra's Egypt, but was a very popular item of trade in the Middle Ages throughout West Africa and into the coastal regions. It was also traded heavily as an oil in European markets. As trade of Shea Butter spread throughout different regions of Africa in particular, it’s various uses began to diversify into things like soap and nasal decongestant. Shea Butter remains a popular substitute for cocoa butter in chocolate, though it still functions primarily as a skin care product as it has since the days of Cleopatra.

Today, Shea Butter is handcrafted in the African country. There, it is a commodity owned by women and the profits are a main source of income. As such, In Burkina Faso, it has been nicknamed “Women’s Gold!”

Shea Butter is one of mother nature’s natural beauty gifts that is used as a base for our skin care products. From face cream, to lip balm, to body lotion, Shea Butter helps to improve skin condition naturally.

• Shea Butter penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity and has unique healing properties.
• Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F which are some essential vitamins needed for good skin balance.