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About us
Every story starts with
a unique vision, so did ours.
Our vision was simple, a world full of fine and pure beauty, a world where beauty is unique and accessible.

We envisioned a world where our tryst with beauty does not harm nature or innocent beings. We envisioned a world where harmful chemicals do not infiltrate our bodies through the skin.

Thus, we set out on a quest to set our world free from supercilious beauty standards; free from cruelty towards animals, free from unsustainable destruction of nature, free from beauty products seeped with vicious chemicals.

Our quest ended up taking us to this small but incredible country in western Africa, Ghana, where we saw our solutions hanging on the branches of the “Karite” tree, aptly titled the tree of life.

We saw communities of women thrive in peaceful harmony working, as sustainable extractors of this timeless staple. Our quest has not ended there, it has just begun.

It was a golden sun-rise in a hamlet of Ghana, Western Africa and soon enough, scores of local women set out for work. Intrigued, we followed and saw the local women collecting fruit from wild trees, the shea fruit. They separated fruit kernel from nuts, washed and dried them in a practised manner. They had a purity standard at every stage.

We were astounded at their diligence, hard work and the sense of ownership they had. They removed the shells, ground and roasted the nuts. Slowly, the roasted nuts started exuding out oils. They used their traditional technique to separate the oil and emulsify the collected oils with water.

The rich, creamy shea butter was thus born, Shea at the heart of “her” industry. The shea butter production is locally governed and managed in its entirety by women in Ghana.
Women's Gold
The purest shea butter is now
our golden standard.
It took us a good part of five years, to explore and learn the traditional and cultural importance that this magical product carries. We designed a pathway to effectively mass produce this shea magic through sustainable and developed accessible beauty products that every woman desires. It was a long hard yet gratifying journey.

We have unravelled the well-kept secret of the unrivalled Egyptian Queen of beauty, Cleopatra. We have discovered the efficacy of natural nourishment that tended to scores of African men and women. We have encountered the efficiency of an economy that is balanced sustainably on wilderness and women enterprise. We became “The Shea Company”, after the very substance that made this journey possible.

We started building open and honest partnerships with women in Ghana and Burkina Faso, West Africa, who produce this nurturing and essential staple. We became a part of the synergy that truly empowers every woman. We are building real partnerships that can only strengthen through mutual trust, loyalty and understanding. By working closely with these independent women groups, we are ensuring the premium quality and traceability of our products.

We are offering you the authentic, naturally derived shea butter in our products. Products that will help you regain your natural supple and radiant skin.
We test, so you
don’t have
to worry!
All our products are dermatologically tested on different skin types to deliver the promise of safety.
No Parabens.
No sulphates.
No mineral oils.
Just happy skin.
We add no harmful chemicals to our products. It's just the good stuff that's in there.
Beauty without cruelty is our motto, and we adhere to that by not testing either our products, active ingredients or even raw materials on animals.
the magic of purity.