4 ways to keep your skin healthy this winter

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The chilly weather leaves the skin feeling not just dry but also undernourished. Though the cold weather calls for a wardrobe shift to woollens, your winter outfits won’t be as charming if your skin looks dull and dry. Skincare is not limited to regular exfoliation, cleansing or applying sunscreen, but also some practices that are a catalyst to healthy and glowing skin.

Follow these simple do’s & don’ts and enhance your skin’s glow this winter season:

The most basic, yet often neglected practice is to stay hydrated. Moisturising the skin is essential, but so is drinking plenty of water that hydrates your skin from the inside.

Optimum water consumption flushes out toxins from the body, invariably clearing out acne and also reduces wrinkles by balancing out the skin pH. Ensure to keep drinking water throughout the day.

As much as the cold weather makes you crave hot chocolate and coffee, more often than not, you also wish to have a hot water bath in the chilly mornings. Studies have shown that hot water removes the moisture from the outer membrane of the skin, leading to dry and irritated skin. If you have sensitive skin, it might even cause rashes. It is advisable to take a lukewarm bath and moisturize right after, to have the best hydrating effects.

Although you won’t want to let go of the cosy blanket to get up and work out, you’ll be missing out on benefits not just for health and well-being but also glowing skin. Sweating while working out detoxes the body and revamps the natural glow of the skin. Set laziness aside and get your heart rate pumping with even a simple half-hour exercise routine for that radiant skin.

Though the winter clouds shield the sunlight in this weather, they don’t filter out harmful UV rays, that means there is no way we can neglect the sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be a part of your skincare routine every season.

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