5 simple steps to healthy skin in 2021

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Christmas and New Year have zoomed past us, and 2021 is here. A new year marks new beginnings and an opportunity to tap refresh on your lifestyle – a chance to resume the good habits and do away with the bad ones.

We are here to help you care better for yourself with 5 simple skincare tips for both – a healthier lifestyle and that glowing skin. Expensive treatments or challenging diets do not always result in smooth and glowing skin. It all boils down to the basics, where you stick to simple rules consistently.

1. Sunscreen Everyday
No matter the season, chilly winter or peak summer, rule number one is – SPF every day. We cannot judge the effect of the sun on our skin by the weather of the day. The harmful UV rays lead to skin damage which can be prevented with one step – sunscreen.

2. Never sleep with makeup
This is a rule which everyone is aware of, yet never abides. Even after a tiring day, a mere 5 minutes is all it takes to remove the makeup with a few cotton pads and some cleansing water. This year, vow to sleep without makeup on the face and let your skin breathe. A simple reminder on your phone that buzzes at a set time every day is a simple solution to break this habit.

3. Wash your face before hit the bed
Just as you remove the makeup, take that couple of extra minutes to wash your face with a mild soap or a gentle face wash/cleanser right before you sleep. This step does wonders to cleanse pores and prevent acne.

4. Exercise Regularly
Yes, your fitness resolutions have other perks besides weight-loss: healthy skin! Routine exercise aids in removing toxins in your body through sweat and detoxifies the skin. Even a 30-minute jog or brisk walking every day can do marvels for your skin.

5. Invest in skincare
When you spend on skincare products, it is not just an expense but an investment in healthier skin. Identify your skin type (dry/oily/ normal) and purchase products accordingly that have the goodness of shea butter in them. The Shea Company lets you experience the magic of purity.

Why wait? Take a step towards healthy skin with these simple steps.

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