5 monsoon skin woes and how to beat them!

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Gentle breezes, cloud-laden skies and pattering raindrops may present a beautiful sight, but humid weathers, unexpected drenches and increased risk of microbes can cut a worrisome picture too.
Our bodies, especially our skin, need a little more push to keep themselves healthy and radiant in monsoon. So, here are the 5 most common skin woes we encounter during the monsoon time and a few ways to beat them.

1. Dull Skin

Dull and lustre-less skin is a concern for many women during monsoon. Dull skin is majorly because of stagnated pores due to humid weather, increased incidence of smog and bursts of unexpected rain and probably more pollution settling on the skin. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can include in your weekly skincare routine to beat the dullness.

Scrub (Twice a week): This comes as no surprise really. However, the use of gentle, non-abrasive scrubs is recommended. Scrubs are often used aggressively to get rid of excess dirt, pollutants and sweat off the skin. Please do not do that, use scrub only twice a week.

Mask (Twice a week): While hydrating masks are the best bet for summer, for monsoon, clay-based masks work like a charm. Clays like Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth), French green clay, Kaolin clay or Pink clay, can be used to detoxify the skin organically. However, make sure that you do not scrub and mask on the same day, it might cause dryness.

2. Dry Skin

It’s slightly paradoxical, but the very monsoon that brings hydration to earth might bring dehydration to your skin. Talking about the occasional and unplanned drenches here, it’s not surprising that immediately after, we experience spells of dryness in our skin.

Light and heavy: Apply light moisturiser on your face and lather up some heavy moisturiser on your body for effective hydration. The popular monsoon favourites are Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Squalene, almond oil and olive oil-based moisturisers.

Masks: Clay-based masks can also cause dryness if you are experiencing excessive dryness then alternate hydrating masks with clay-based masks. We have provided simple recipes for hydration masks in Shea Summer care, do give it a try.

3. Acne

Our skin is prone to break-outs in Monsoon and summers due to excessive sweat and microbial accumulation.
Tea tree oil: Keep this antiseptic oil handy, dilute two-three drops of Tea tree oil with equal amounts of coconut oil or olive oil and dab the mixture on the skin with a cotton swab. Let it be absorbed properly into the skin.

Use of minimal make-up: Use of non-comedogenic makeup is recommended. However, light, waterproof makeup will also help.

4. Open Pores

For some clogged pores is a problem, for some open pores. Fortunately, the remedy is simple and within reach.

Soap-free cleansers: Soaps are abrasive to your facial skin much more than you can imagine. Soap-free mild formulation cleansers can help minimise microscopic abrasions and minimise pores.

Skin toners: Skin toners tighten the skin, flush out impurities in clogged pores, minimise the skin pores to a great extent. Non-alcoholic skin toner is highly effective and recommended as opposed to alcoholic ones.

5. Fungal Infections

Residual moisture within the skin folds and all-too humid weather, little to no exposure to sunlight, all these create a perfect breeding ground for fungal infections.

Dusting powders: Off the counter Clotrimazole dusting powders can be an effective solution to the fungal infections in monsoon. Keep dusting the powder regularly on the prone areas to prevent the chances of fungal growth. However, if the irritation or symptoms persist, do consult a Dermatologist.

Monsoon could be a great time to concentrate on skincare as most prefer to go easy on the makeup. Away from heavy foundations and metal-oxide talcs, help your skin heal and rejuvenate along with nature around. Happy skin to you!

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