How to use a Jade Roller?

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Skincare fads rise and ebb with time but there are some which are backed by ancient wisdom and consistent followers. The use of jade rollers is one such skincare technique that resurfaced as an age-old practice with promising authenticity.
Jade rollers are massage tools, made from various types of stones like jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian. Here are the benefits and usage of the jade roller.


• Boosts blood circulation, through massaging action.
• Reduces puffiness and swelling of the face, especially under the eyes.
• Helps skincare products to penetrate better when used after application.
• Consistent use activates facial muscles, stiffens the folds and smoothens the fine-lines.
• Soothes inflamed skin, relieves stressed skin and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Usage of Jade roller

1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and pat dry.
2. Dry rolling might cause unnecessary tug to the skin, hence we recommend the use of a good moisturiser or serum or oil.
3. Cheeks and Jaw: Start at the centre of your face, from and roll up, outwards to the end of your jawline. Repeat the roll at least 5-6 times, and progress to the cheeks, rolling upwards and outwards till the ears.
4. Rolling in one direction (upwards) towards lymph nodes helps the lymphatic drainage.
5. Forehead: Move up and down the middle of the forehead, then taper down to the temple in the downward direction on both sides.
6. Under Eyes: Use the smaller end to roll under and above the eyes. Start at the inner corner and gently roll towards the outer corner. Avoid applying any pressure.
7. Above the eyes: Start from the inner corner of the underside of the brow and gently roll toward the outer corner.
8. Crow feet: use the same smaller side to gently roll up and down the area at the corner of your eyes.

Usage of Jade roller has the efficacy that stood the test of time. Many women use the jade roller on a daily basis to release the tension in their jaw muscles, de-stress their facial nerves and contour their features.

Morning Use: A cool jade stone run over your morning skin helps reduce the puffiness and swelling. The cooling effect helps in soothing the skin.

Night Use: Including the jade roller in your skincare routine right after cleansing and application of serum, or moisturiser, or night oil helps your skin absorb the product better.
We recommend the usage of Jade roller both times to maximise the benefit. After all, a relaxed and massaged skin looks more radiant, lovely and beautiful.

Happy skin to you!

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