What‌ ‌does‌ ‌your‌ ‌skin‌ ‌need?‌

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Does your skin want flawless makeup, smokey eyes and matted lips? Or does it need deep nourishment, healthy pores and effective protection against harsh sun? It does not require rocket science to figure out which is the most essential to the skin. But it does require a constant balancing act between skincare and make-up.

Most interestingly, skincare also has trends that ebb and peak, over the centuries, from dairy products to several plants and animal extracts, many were used to keep the skin supple and nourished. But only recently a wonderful butter that was hidden in the kernels of a wild tree in Africa came to the fore and took the skincare arena by storm. It is dubbed as Shea Butter, extracted out of Karite tree nuts. However, the Shea Butter is no recent discovery. In fact, it is a timeless secret that the African households used to protect their skins from harsh sun, wind and insect bites.

Shea Butter is a rich emollient, produced traditionally by West African women, and is a staple for skincare and haircare. Despite its many uses and an almost universal efficacy, Shea Butter was relatively unknown to the global populace. Now, scientific studies have backed what the traditional African knowledge had vouched for since centuries. The excellent nutritional values of the Shea Butter have now put it on the world map as one of the most efficient natural moisturizers.

Today, Shea Butter is handcrafted in the West African region. There, it is a commodity owned by women and the profits are a main source of income. In Burkina Faso, Ghana, and other such countries, it has been nicknamed “Women’s Gold!”

Shea Butter is one of mother nature’s natural beauty gifts that is used as a base for an enormous range of skincare products but they are exorbitantly priced. From face cream to lip balm, to body lotion, Shea Butter helps to improve skin condition naturally.

What makes Shea Butter such a favourite?

Shea Butter has a rich texture that spreads easily and penetrates deep, keeping the natural hydration of the skin intact. Imbued with Vitamins A, E & F, and unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic, palmitic acids, Shea Butter helps to keep the skin pH balanced.

Cinnamic acid derivatives in the Shea Butter give it unique anti-inflammatory properties, so much so that Shea Butter is used to heal wounds, blisters, sunburns and insect bites conventionally. While collagen-stimulating properties and antioxidant abundance let Shea Butter become a true anti-ageing specialist. Medicinally, Shea Butter is used to ease rheumatic pains, arthritis, nasal congestion, skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis.

Shea Butter is also found to be an extremely effective scalp conditioner, especially for dry and itchy scalps. Historically, found in the extent of the savannah belt, the Shea Butter has become a staple even in the culinary preparations as fat. Such is the efficacy of this magic product, that is no surprise it has taken the market by storm.

So, coming back to our question, what does skin need? A little nourishment, protection, and some Shea love.

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